Saturday, November 22, 2008

Apocalyptica - Harmagedon

Another band that has recently come into the light is Apocalyptica. They have a rather popular song that has been playing on the radio rather often (I can't recall the name right now). I'm glad that after so many years this band has finally made it. Many people don't know this, but Apocalyptica has been playing for over a decade and a half. Being a band formed of simply cellos, they had quite the unique sound, especially when they make heavy metal. They often make covers from Mettalica songs, they also get the occasional singer who wishes to redo one of their songs with lyrics (such as their latest song on the radio, few people know it's a remix).

Here is a video from ten years ago, Harmagoden. I don't really have the music vocabulary to describe this song, but I would say something along the lines of "Eerily beautiful"


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