Friday, November 21, 2008

Muse - Time Is Running Out

So basically, in my mind, anyone who doesn't like Muse is a loser (ahem Jeff). They're hardly the cool indie unknown band anymore, but they're still pretty effing awesome. They're like the new Funeral for a Friend, except... well okay they're really not like FFAF but they ARE both British! What's with the British and producing some of the BEST MUSIC EVER anyway?

Okay back on topic, this is one of the best songs by them, it was actually really hard to choose just one song to post. Oh well, you're bound to see more of them here in the future. Enjoy!



  1. E-dawg, policer of musical comparisons and genresNovember 22, 2008 at 7:19 PM

    Sorry, I can't let this slide... you did not just call Muse "the new Funeral for a Friend"!! Muse has been around since the early 90's!! And FFAF is almost emo, whereas Muse is so clearly alternative, more comparable to Radiohead than anyone.

    (and does that mean that you were a "loser" up until a few weeks ago when I first introduced you to Muse? :P)

  2. Which is why I said they really have nothing in common except they're both British. It was a rant that started out good in my head and turned into vomit on the keyboard. I apologize.

    I think I meant the loser thing to everyone who has heard Muse and didn't like them. I keep force-feeding this stuff to Jeff and he just can't keep them down.