Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nicole Atkins - "The Way It Is"

My philosophy behind good music is quite simple: if it makes me feel something (be it good, bad, sad, happy, psychotic, etc), it's worth listening to. This has led me to appreciate all kinds of music, finding gems of musical genius in the most unlikely places. It also leaves me listening to songs on repeat for hours, riding high on the waves of emotions that somehow the songwriters have managed to make me feel. Even better is when a song can invoke an entire memory. When I was young, my mom would listen to old Patsy Cline songs when she would make dinner. Since then, her voice automatically throws me back into my childhood, sitting in my room and hearing my mom downstairs, singing along while she fried onions and chopped vegetables. Patsy Cline is considered one of the quintessential figures in classic country music (sorry if I'm treading on your turf here, Karah!). She has a strong, low voice which practically breaks your heart when she sings about love.

However, the main song choice of this post isn't a Patsy Cline song (but I'll post it after the main video for the sake of completeness). I'm posting a song by another singer, Nicole Atkins. Her voice is beautifully low and powerful as well, and she's got a strong sound reminiscent of Patsy Cline. Nicole Atkins gives me a nice hybrid feel, she's got the sound that reminds me of my mom's love of old, classic country, but a more modern feel that places her in our time.

(Check out that tiny waist!!)



  1. Mmmm gotta love them old school jazz singers, seriously your modern "equivalents" like Norah Jones and such don't even hold a candle. They don't sound country though, or maybe I don't know what country should sound like...

  2. What we think of as country music nowadays (if you were to put it into the wider spectrum of country) is more pop-country, and was really kick-started in the 80s by people like Billy Ray Cyrus and Shania Twain. Of that genre I have no knowledge (that's Karah's area of expertise!).

    Patsy Cline is more classic country of the 60s. More Willie Nelson-style, and even further back, Hank Williams (who had a song covered by Norah Jones -- Cold Cold Heart, which she did in a more jazzy style).