Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Black Mages - Maybe I'm a Lion

Yes, another video game cover from Jeff.
But this one is a bit different. If you haven't heard of the Black Mages, they are a band put together by Nobuo Uematsu, the man who has written almost every song for the Final Fantasy Series since the 8-bit FF1. He put together the Black Mages to showcase his best works, and to not have them simply titled as "Video Game Music." The bands song list is mostly taken from older Final Fantasy soundtracks and re-worked, but they have a few original songs as well, there is usually one or two on each CD.
The song that I have picked is taken from Final Fantasy 8. To be honest, I had trouble picking which song to post, as I like many of them. In the end I chose this one because it has a great flow of energy, always stimulating, and a great guitar solo (which I am always a sucker for).
I hope you enjoy.


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