Saturday, December 20, 2008

Crush 40 - Open Your Heart

Sorry for the late update, but Christmas is a hectic time for everyone. We will try to keep our posts up to date, but please excuse us if we have a bit of trouble.

Alright, on to the song! Crush 40 has 2 CD's and have been around for a few years, but the music that they only seem to be really known for is what they have written for the Sonic video games. Open Your Heart was originally done for Sonic adventure on the Dreamcast, but was remixed for the CD "True Blue: Sonics Best Music Hits." Crush 40 does a lot of good music that is both fast paced, but has deep emotional meaning to it, and I'm not just saying that to try and promote video game music, check out their pre-sonic stuff, or anything else they have written. It is all good.
Now the video itself that I found....
I filtered through countless sonic AMV's and VMV's until I found this: Doctor Who. I hope Vivian appreciates this.


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