Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Forget It - Fabulous Rudies

I apologize for not posting in a long while. I've been distracted by the Christmas rush and general laziness when I get home to my computer. That and it's a little hard to think of music with Christmas Carols running through my head.
Today I bring you another Ska band. This is the first (and only) Ska band I have seen live, and they are what first got me into the genre of music. But independent and not being big named, have little to show other than a MySpace page and a low-budget video. But that's what this site is for, bringing you these Indy Bands.
The Fabulous Rudies are a jolly bunch. instead of seeing a mosh pit, people were dancing with each other. This is one of their slower songs, but I added an extra "live" footage of my favourite song by them.


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