Sunday, December 14, 2008

John Sykes - Cautionary Warning

Okay, so many of you probably know about John Sykes, either from Thin Lizzy, Whitesnakes, Badlands, or half the other 80's hair metal bands out there. But what most people didn't know, is that he has come out with his own independent work.
He launched his CD "20th Century" to go along with his promoting a new T.V. show. And by T.V. show I mean Japanese anime.The anime itself is pretty good, as far as these types of shows. It's called Black Heaven: Heavy Metal Saves the Universe. The show references John Sykes career in a few ways, His bands breaking up to be with their families, members dying from drugs, marrying a roadie. But like all anime's it goes over the top (like using this song to power an intergalactic plasma cannon to fight aliens...)
Anyways, here is one of John Sykes latest works, and check out the anime if you're interested and really like this song (seriously, it's played at least 3 times in each episode).
I also added the instrumental version underneath. I prefer that version, but the lyrics aren't bad either, so take your pick!


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