Thursday, January 22, 2009

Street Drum Corps - We Are Machines

So I became a fan of Street Drum Corps back in high school, when I was going through - we'll call it - my Vans Warped Tour phase. SDC is a trio of amazingly, outrageously talented percussionists, who carry around drumsticks and bang on whatever makes sounds.

I was catching up on what they've been doing the last few years and found they've come out with a new album. I thought the first one was obscure, but I can't find this new album ANYWHERE, and needless to say the youtube video I found isn't that great either. Hopefully, you'll get the gist of their sound. At the beginning, one of the members actually uses a welder as an instrument... It's intense.

They used to be more pure percussion, and have added singers and other instrumentalists as features on their new album. I can't say I'm a big fan of these changes but they're still pretty effing awesome. The second video is just one of the guys, walking around some city and banging on random stuff. He does some pretty crazy rhythms, and there's a cameo by drummer of 30 Seconds to Mars. Enjoy!


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