Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tegan and Sara - I was Married

Hmmm this seems a little overdue. So President Obama has had almost a week now to get used to being the most powerful man on earth, and so far he's doing a fantastic job. Almost every other blogger out there has already written a full list of what they want the president to accomplish over his term, I guess it's now my turn. Let's start this one off with something controversial, something to jump start the atmosphere.

This is Tegan and Sara: a pair of Canadian twins, and extremely talented musicians. Tegan Sara wrote this song "I was Married" not long after one of them got married engaged to a long-time girlfriend. (I'm full of inconsistencies I know!)

There are a lot of extremist views when it comes to gay rights, but please, before you make up your mind or get defensive, listen to this song. Let it bring you to that sunlit wedding, and tell me this isn't about love.

So here's our first challenge for the freshman President, he's been reportedly associated with religious anti-gay rights pastors, but I want to here what HE has to say himself. I want to see him do something about this.



  1. Sara wrote I Was Married not Tegan =)

  2. Love Tegan & Sara's music and your post is inspirational but Sara wrote I was married, not Tegan, and neither of them has married yet!

  3. I thought I had it backwards. My bad. Although I think one of them was engaged and then broke it off.