Thursday, April 23, 2009

Weezer - Buddy Holly

No one seems to notice, but Weezer was good, once upon a time.They are considered to be a nerd band, but most of their stuff in recent years has been more emo then nerd. So let's re-wind 15 years to 1994.
One of their first big hits. I loved this song on so many levels. The music video was great too. A song based on being the nerd in high school, but a nerd who loves. This is the kind of music I wish Weezer still did. This is a nerd band (come on, the video is based on Happy Days, it doesn't get much nerdier then that).
Also, remember that this video wasn't premiered on MTV or Much music, but on the Windows 95 CD after you installed it on your computer. Now that's oldschool nerd for you.

The full video is here:


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