Thursday, November 27, 2008

LAX - Big D and the Kids Table

So I owe a little apology. When I mentioned Big D before I thought that they were a new band. Turns out they have been turning out tracks and CDs for around 13 years. They work almost independently, or did until that summer at warped tour where they were picked up by a record company. But the band still hits the road and supports themselves, giving over 200 shows and a new CD every year, these guys are really into their music.
They also live through their fans. It is known that when Big D and his band are traveling through with a tour, they have nothing more then a vehicle to carry them and their instruments. Fans usually open their doors and roll out bed mats for them to spend a night or two. Almost all the money earned at their gigs is used to support their next tour. These guys are really dedicated to their music!
So here I am posting a slightly different song by them today. The last one was very happy, now this one, let's just say a certain word is used very often...


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  1. Hmmmm that's two now, I can't seem to relate. They're a little immature sounding, no?