Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jason Blaine - My First Car

My first music post ever. Yay! Alright, here it goes... I will mostly be providing country pix as it is my fav music category. Don't hate me, it is actually really amazing. You get used to the twang quick, trust me, then it just becomes about the music! I love country music for a few reasons. Firstly, it reminds me of the simpler life. Life outside of busy city deadlines and social expectations. You know, wild and un-tamable cowboys kind of idea. Secondly, the songs are usually about innocent love and heart break (yes, lots of newer stuff isnt so innocent, but in general, this holds true), it is very rarely about randomly hooking up on the dance floor like other genres seems to only be focused on. And lastly, it definitely makes me want to have true love and faith in my life... it brings me back to being a teenager, when we all were unjaded by the world, and thought that anything and everything was possible, just puts me in a good mood! On that note, my first post, a newly found favourite of mine, Jason Blaine's "My First Car". It is about the memories he had in his first "ol' rust bucket". Now for most of us who can relate with that old friend who is probably now in a junkyard, and the many awesome experiences that we had with it... it takes us back... to the good ol' days :) I hope you enjoy it. ( Go ahead, let yourself like country music.... an amazing choice for a guilty pleasure!!:) )


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  1. You know, I can't say I'm a complete country convert now, but the guy is pretty cute. I also like how the video is just a bunch of old-school clips of people with their first car, reminds me of my friends back home. lol.