Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rich Fantasy Lives - Lexy & Tony

First of all, this is a cover by two other singers, Lexy and Tony (that's all I know about them), the original artists are Tom Smith and Rob Baulder. I suggest you look up more from Rob Baulder (especially "Still Annoyed" a parody on Still alive from Bowser). He works often with Tom Smith, but Tom was recently hospitalized, so all his tours and songwriting stopped.

Secondly, I couldn't find a good video by the original artists or the cover artists, so I made this myself in windows media maker. I am pretty much computer illiterate, so it is just a picture.

The song itself reminded me too much of myself and my overactive imagination, and I am sure there are many people out there where this song hits too close to home as well. Ir is mostly directed towards us "geeks and nerds" with our dreams of being a princess or space hero, but holds meaning to many, if not all, other people as well. We fanyasize on some level, whether it's dreaming of just being rich, or being a midevil hero with magic powers. It is not weird, crazy, or psycho, it is normal, and we should embrace it. I love letting my imagination go in whatever direction it wants, and I follow it willingly. Without these "daydreams" we would not have creativity, art, or even the music we listen to on this blog. So enjoy it, and enjoy this song.

P.S. the "He wargames through weekends, leads armies and legions" part, is me all to well.

-- Jeffrey

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