Tuesday, December 2, 2008

1337 STR33T Boys - Yuri Only One

So... many... nerdy... references...
Not even I know all of them.

Before people go off thinking that this is a joke or something, no, this is a real band, and they make a lot of songs like this. Is it super cheesy, dorky, and nerdy? Yes, it sure is. But the point is, they are making songs that they can relate to and have fun singing. We've heard of "Nerd Metal" "Geek Rock" and maybe some "Video Game Rap", well prepare yourself for "Nerd Boybands!"
1337 STR33T Boys preform in many shows around the U.S.A. and Canada, and by shows I mainly mean anime and gaming conventions. They do all their songwriting, video animation, and even write their own online comic.

This song probably isn't for the masses, but this is more proof that the "Nerd under culture" is growing and becoming more mainstream in this decade.


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