Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rise Against - Re-Education (Through Labour)

Yeah I know I've posted Rise Against before, and this isn't just because they're my favourite band and I just happen to have tickets to see them next week. No, this is in support of the Progressive Coalition of Canada.

Conservatives have done, as always, a superb job at spreading false propaganda to their ever willing sheep, and it's this same smear campaign technique that got them increased support in the last election. Progressive Canadians, it's time to stand up against the lies, it's time to spread our own message.

First of all, arm yourselves with knowledge. Refer here. This is democracy in action, be aware.

Start an argument, stir up some shit. It's time to get this tyrant out of the power seat.

If you want a quick brief on what this is about, check out:


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