Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lordi - Hard Rock Hallelujah

Well I'll admit that this is probably one of the most blasphemous bands out there (they have a song titled: The Devil is a Loser and he's my B***h), but this one song is just so great it gets stuck in my head and makes me ready to rock out.
Lordi has been around since 1996, but didn't hit their first breakthrough until 2006, during the Eurovision Song contest (something really great that non-UKers should check out, a big music contest/concert). The contest was mainly dominated by pop and folk songs for decades, but this Heavy Metal Band came out of nowhere, broke contest records, and was the first Hard Rock Bands to win the Eurovision Contest (and the first Finnish band as well).
These guys do almost anything public in their costumes. It's they're symbol, and they say that they were inspired by KISS for much of their influence. In their costumes they are rock stars, but in there everyday cloths, nobody knows that they are a heavy metal band. Their music videos are also well known for being different, almost always being a horror movie of it's own. This video being a small exception, they have two versions of it. This was them hosting Eurovision '07, check out their other video here: Youtube sold-out and I can't post the other (better) video)
Lordi is currently touring the U.S.A.


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