Friday, December 5, 2008

Ra Ra Riot - Can You Tell

Ra Ra Riot is the first band I've noticed that has "healing" as their description on Myspace. I'm not entirely sure what it heals, but I'm just going to go ahead and put a disclaimer here that TMT is not responsible if you decide to turn this up instead of going to the hospital should you somehow unfortunately damage your body in the process of visiting our site.

Okay then, moving on. Ra Ra Riot are close friends with another band I've posted before, Vampire Weekend, and you can kind of hear the similarities in their sound. Although they are still very distinct. My favourite part is definitely when the violins play a counter-melody against the voice. My heart skips a beat everytime I hear that part.

This is my current obsession from them, I played it on repeat about 5 times before I stopped myself in case I get sick of them. Woot.


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