Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ryashon - Become the Storm (Ryu SF2 theme)

More nerdy/metal stuff from me.
Ryashon is an up and coming metal band, and by band I mean 2 guys. They have been turning out their own tunes for a short while, and are getting ready to release their first CD before the end of the year. This song in particular is a metal cover Ryu's theme from Street Fighter 2 (don't ask me how excited for Street Fighter 4 I am, the answer is usually Hadoken).
Their music involves a few covers that they have released on the internet, usually from video games (and a hilarious one of Chocolate Rain). But their CD will include almost all original music by them.
Being only two members strong, they are very focused on perfecting their instruments,so there is few vocals (if any) and all talent. They have been described as not only metal, or techno ( a few of their songs), but Melodic as well.
So listen up, in the meantime I shall keep checking their blog until the CD is out.



  1. Wow Jeff, I actually liked this one. Good guitars. I think that's my problem with the stuff you usually post: they have bad vocals.

  2. Thanks. I realize that a lot of my music has bad vocals. That's why I like bands like this, were it's more about music as a sound and can focus on good instruments, instead of trying too add "catchy" lyrics.
    I'll probably get something else by these guys up after their CD is out, youtube only has their video game covers, but their sample music is awesome.